Thursday, July 28, 2011


the san francisco half marathon is THIS sunday!
been trying to psych myself up, but instead feel like i'm psyching myself out...ah!
but i'm really excited, nervous, scared and happy to be doing my first half marathon EVER!

we strarted our training in early may with hal higdon's novice training schedule
with my eratic work schedule and long hours, plus prev planned summer vacations,
sticking to the schedule got a little sticky at times, but we did our best!

not gonna lie that there were more than a few text message convos as follows:

margy: are we running tomorrow?
mags: of course! 6am?
margy: perf, text me when you leave
mags: great, see you then
{next morning}
margy: are you up?
mags: nope

we actually did a great job training
we got all of our long runs in, either together or
with the help of sisters, cousins, brothers, husbands
{thanks everyone!}
and i'm really surprised with myself and feel good about starting at 3 miles back in may
and thinking it was sooo hard to running 10 miles last monday and feeling great

here are some pics of one of our longer runs
also first time running over the golden gate bridge!
and first time eating gu!

which for you non-runners, gu (pronounced goo) is exactly the consitency that it sounds like
and you have to eat it on long runs to replace electrolytes and sugar.
obvs, i was a little skepical. ick.
(however, i really did feel better and reenergized post gu)

trying to take a running partners shot, but i was still mid-gu-swallow

please try not to pay attention to my awk pose (i think i was too hot and sweaty to have skin to skin contact with myself) and instead focus on the gorgeous day the and GGB!

alright, a little trip down memory training lane is helping with my motivation for sunday. i know i can finish, i'm more worried about finish time and keeping pace and not pooping out in the end but also pushing myself and...

oh! i just can't wait to give baby Scarlett a big smooch when i cross that finish line!

any tips or motivation greatly appreciated!
see you at the finish line!


Sals said...

Maggie - I'll be cheering for you and Margy from Maryland (so will baby girl ;)) Best of luck - can't wait to hear/read all about it!!
xo Sals

mvgumiran said...

good luck mags!

S.H.M. said...

Run Mamma, Run!