Monday, July 4, 2011

birthday cake

Scarlett actually started crying when i put the cake in front of her at first. i thought it was the ugly frosting, but perhaps it was the candle burning that frightened her. whoops, probably shouldn't have put fire in front of a one year old, but being her first birthday, this was my first experience giving her birthday cake.

perhaps i should have known better about the candle, the frosting on the other hand...i just don't have the patience or the forethought in planning to allow enough time for the cake to cool before frosting the cake. therefore, the melty goopy hot pink raspberry frosting didn't look too appealing. a little hesitant in the beginning, she finally realized that despite its looks, it tasted good and went in for the kill with a fistful in her mouth. i was ready and willing for a messy birthday cake fiesta, but the lil babe only used one hand and didn't get a single spec of frosting or cake on her face!

round two is coming up this saturday for our Scarlett birthday/David graduation bbq celebration so hopefully i will have made a better cake to present and Scarlett will really dig in for the classic cake all over face photo!

once we started opening presents though, Scarlett did have a big happy smile on her face!

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