Thursday, April 19, 2012

Earth Day 2012: Try Compostable Diapers

Cloth diapers are the most eco-friendly, but they can be difficult. More power to the mammas who use them. I tried with Scarlett, but with frequent leaking and staining clothes, I eventually gave up. It was never easy or quick to change her and (here's my vanity) I didn't appreciate the extra bulkiness of them.

I struggled, though, because I really really wanted to make an eco-friendly diaper choice. What do the statistics say? Oh yeah, SIX THOUSAND "disposable" diapers PER child end up in landfills FOREVER. Ick!

Luckily, I found a fantastic green alternative: compostable diapers!

They work just like traditional disposable ones, but are fully biodegradable and are made without chemicals, plastic, chlorine, baby seals, etc, etc.

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We have tried a few different brands, and Nature Babycare is the best. The diaper is softer than traditional disposables, fit is great, breathable, made from natural and renewable materials, and can hold Scarlett sleeping 12 hours without a leak.

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 The Nature Babycare tag line is perfectly accurate: go green without giving up performance. 

There is only a small price difference from traditionals, and you can order in bulk from amazon for extra savings. Plus, you have that extra piece of mind for your child and the world (yay!). Nature Babycare products are also sold at stores like Whole Foods and I'm sure you can find some near you!

So this earth day, give compostable diapers a chance!
And let me know if you tried them!

{Another easy change is to use biodegradable wipes. These are usually less expensive or the same price as traditionals.}


Tyler Huebner said...

Nice find, good to know these exist!

Anonymous said...

Hey Maggie--glad to see Mamma Mags is back! Love that you're thinking about those diapers--not sure what the answer is. Just read in today's paper that biodegradable plastic made of corn releases methane as it decomposes, a gas considered "awful" compared to CO2... But thinking about those bigger babies who wake up soaked--I used to tuck an extra cloth diaper or even two into the disposable one, and also would put on one disposable diaper, tear open the plastic cover, then put on another diaper. It worked!
Cousin Mary