Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Happy Easter!

(A few days late. Obvs. But let's be honest, I've never been on time for anything.)

We spent Easter in east Texas where David's grandparents live. Pete and Opal enjoyed seeing their great-grandchildren while I experienced my first home-made fried chicken, which was amazingly delicious!

Scarlett found exactly ONE egg in the community Easter egg hunt, and was quite confused by the whole experience. I, for one, was surprised (but thankful) she wasn't running around grabbing eggs out of other children's baskets. Maybe (most likely) next year.

I attempted to color eggs, but only got so far as hard-boiling them. Whoops! Maybe (most likely not) next year.

But let's focus on what the holiday is really all about...dressing your kids up in Easter outfits. Scarlett wore a j.crew crewcuts floral dress and Tripp wore his first big boy outfit, a babygap collared button down and khakis. Loved em both!

Happy Easter! Hope you enjoyed a beautiful and happy weekend with your families!

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Maureen said...

very cute outfits (on mom and babes) and cute family photos!