Monday, April 16, 2012

Working out: tummy time for Tripp


Maureen said...

full disclosure: i saw this outfit at old navy recently while i was there binge shopping. i was in the little kids section because i was with my pregnant friend- and i saw this 18-24 month old size in the gray and white chevron print. and i bought it. and then i came home and hid it in the closet. in the room i've already designated at the future nursery.

baby fever.

mamma mags said...

Love it!

Uumm, I almost bought a $300 wicker bassinet before I was even pregnant. I went and looked at it multiple times at the resale shop and my heart hurt when I'd put my hand on it. Totally cray! Then I did end up buying it when I was actually pregnant, but bargained them down to $150 ;)

This outfit is 0-3months, plus I also have this pattern old navy in 18-24month shirt for Scarlett, so it's all yours when you need it!