Wednesday, February 29, 2012

diaper bag/on the go activity for toddlers

I had a stroke of genius when I put this together for our three weeks of holiday travel as a plane/road trip activity, and it proved so useful that I've kept it in the diaper bag ever since. Perhaps I saw it somewhere else and I'm not giving proper credit, but perhaps I thought of it all on my own! Either way, it's incredibly simple, and you must do.

I pull this out at restaurants, while shopping, long car trips or pretty much anytime Scarlett is nearing break down when we are in the public eye with seemingly no escape from stares and silent judgments from strangers...ugh! But then, like magic, I resume the appearance of an emotionally stable mom with a well behaved child!

Items needed:

Place markers and paper in baggie and keep with you at all times for an emergency activity

Of note:
1. I use clementine art natural and earth friendly markers, which have very impressively lasted a long time. I was sure they were going to dry out in days, but they are great. Wash off easily, and no serious worries when the babe will inevitably put marker in mouth. We have a few of their products - modeling dough and crayons too - and love them all. Check em out at

2. I use a little notebook I found from a gift shop I can't recall, but anything would work. Recycle old computer paper by cutting in small squares and stapling together. A post-it notepad would work great too, with the added benefit of fun from the sticky backing. Scarlett loves anything 'sticker' these days.

I most recently used this when a friend and I, and our collective 3.5 children, were eating lunch at Walton's, Sandra Bullock's cafe in Austin. The kids were on the verge of a scene, but us mammas had barely taken a bite. enter magic baggie o' fun! The girls loved scribbling up the pages and putting the caps on and off the markers a hundred times. Us mammas were able to enjoy our salads and sandwiches, and, AND, AND, imagine this, have a conversation!

if you don't have something like this in your diaper bag, get it ASAP.

Or, if you have similar baggies o' fun, please share your own genius ideas! Thanks and enjoy!

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