Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fat Tuesday!

All my posts are about food lately...

Probably because I'm hungry and eating all the time trying to fatten up baby2 before his/her arrival FIVE weeks from today! Omg.

Feeling the creole mardi gras vibe, i was craving a beignet today. Unfortch, I couldn't find a place with good beignet reviews, so we grabbed a fat tuesday afternoon snack of berries and waffles from Dolce Vita Cafe on our way to the park nearby. We both enjoyed it thoroughly! Perfectly crisp but also gooey and warm with sweet fresh berries.

It was a yummy substitute, but even so, I couldn't help but have a tiny wish I was eating a pillow of fluffy delicious goodness from Just For You Cafe in SF. Best beignets ever!! Go there immediately if you haven't tried these before!! Seriously, go. Now.

In other mardi gras related news, daddyD and I had a raging night of watching downton abbey and deciding on what to give up until Easter. I don't always give something up for lent, but sometimes it's nice to have a personal challenge for a lil bit, ya know? This year, D's giving up cookies and ice cream and I'm giving up Facebook. It's gonna be tough for both of us!

How was your fat tuesday? Indulge in anything good? Planning on giving anything up? Let us know!


Anonymous said...

Writing from SoFla,
Just had to say thanks for the great blog :o) Good luck with baby2 and Scarlett, and keep up the good work when you can (I've only got one girl, and she keeps me plenty busy :o)).

mamma mags said...

Thanks for the comment! Always appreciated :)