Thursday, February 2, 2012


Second night in a row I've tried to make some posts without success (two about delicious meals I made that you should try and one about mommy-and-me Wednesdays). Unfortunately, the Internet in our new apartment is shoddy and I get rebuffed with the continuous circle arrow spinning for 30 mins and then an error screen!! Grrrrr!

Good thing I can stay connected and entertained with my iPhone. Phew! What would I do without it?

Been currently occupied with for baby2 name inspirations.

Ok, hopefully the hubs will take care of the Internet problem soon because we all know I'm not going to try. Instead I'll just stick with the iPhone and complain.

Here's a pic of Scarlett from last Sunday eating tacos outside on a gorgeous day. There would have been a full post about our sunday family adventure too, know the problem.

Hopefully back in action soon!

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