Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Family fun time at the Austin farmer's market

Fun picnic tonight at the Austin farmer's market (wednesdays from 4-8pm in Triangle Park, at 46th and Lamar). Gorgeous night listening to live bluegrass, local farmers and vendors selling fresh produce, lots of families and kids running around.

I know there is a picture of Scarlett holding a carrot, but don't be fooled, it was only used as a vehicle to deliver hummus. The other pic with her hand in the blue corn tortilla chip bag is more accurate. I did see her try to bite the carrot at least once so I'm taking that as a step in the right direction and hoping that one day she'll eat vegetables again.

Btw, it was 85+ degrees out today! I realized that's pretty much the hottest weather I've been in in the last FIVE years. Yikes! And it's gonna be 20 degrees hotter and 10x the humidity when it really gets hot here! Oh my.

But no complaining just yet, grateful for a beautiful evening and relaxing family fun time together.

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auntie k said...

pic of dad and toddler is priceless. what a beautiful (i meant smart and talented) child.