Sunday, February 26, 2012

Even babies know farts are funny

Case in point:

Tonight I was getting Scarlett ready for bed after her bath per our usual routine. While she was laying on her back and i was holding her legs up, I applied generous amounts of diaper cream to keep her tush protected and soft. I was thanked for providing such great skin care with an elephant-playing-the-tuba sounding, flip-flap-fluttering fart, effectively in the direction of my face!

We were both stunned and silent for a brief second. And then, Scarlett, looking me straight in my eyes that were burning from her flatulence, started laughing HYSTERICALLY. Guttural laughter that I've never before heard produced by her small body. Prolonged, proud laughter.

How does she know farts are funny?!

She hasn't learned from her environment yet that farts are funny. she doesn't hang around middle school boys or watch bad stand up on comedy central. And It's not like David and I go around farting...oh, wait. well, regardless, she seemed to inherently know to laugh after such an impressive toot.

But how? Is 'farts are funny' prewired into our brains? Babies do display their first smiles after passing gas...hmm. Is there scientific research about this, I wonder.

What about your child(ren)? Do they laugh at their own body bubbles?

(hopefully the answer is yes, or else i may be bordering on trashy with this post)


cymbidy said...

Sam was the same. Still thinks it's funny. What surprised me more, though, was once when he was three he blamed it on Stephen, even though Stephen was at work. How did he learn *that*?

mamma mags said...


First rule of farts: they are funny
Second rule of farts: blame yours on someone else

nanasue said...

it is why people get dogs

mvgumiran said...

i don't ever want to live in a world where farts arn't funny. they sound funny, they smell funny.
they are awesome.

Anonymous said...

This post made me laugh so hard I teared up, too hilarious! SoFla (don't have a google account, sorry)