Monday, March 5, 2012

36 weeks selfie shots

Selfies taken in bathroom

Poor baby2! this is only the second or third belly shot taken, all of them selfies. With Scarlett, David took weekly progression shots in same outfit, same window spot silhouette. Don't worry, little love, i'll make it up to you!

Bump and body report
Discomfort level: very high
Heartburn level: moderate
Excitement level to meet this baby: very high
Nervousness level about being responsible for two human offspring any day now: very high
Happy anxiousness level to cuddle a sweet warm newborn on my chest: very high
Baby heart rate: 140s
Baby growth rate: on track
Baby movement level: extreme!

This baby is stretching out from end to end! I can feel arms pushing in lower left quadrant and legs kicking in upper right simultaneously. It's nuts! Feeling baby move is definitely one of the coolest things about pregnancy. (along with the fact that my hair looks amazing and I only have to wash it once a week, if that)

Final days to get your guesses written down for the record...
Boy or girl?!
Weight? (for reference, Scarlett was 8lbs 7oz)
Birthdate? (c-section is scheduled for 3/27, but it could always come early)

Leave a comment with your guesses and I'll think of something special for the winners. like a shout-out or a high five or maybe something even cooler!


Christine Yeager said...

Boy, 8lbs 3oz, 3/27/12

nanasue said...

Girl,8# 12oz. (Christine's birth weight) 3/27. No earliness happening. But sometimes I think I don't even have ESP!

L. Michelle Tatum said...

Based on how adorable you looked today...

Boy, 7 lbs 3 oz, 3/27