Thursday, March 8, 2012

austin homeowners!

We are officially homeowners in texas!!! 

it may seem like we found a place super quick, but i've basically been stalking the austin real estate market since last april when David was interviewing here. the house is small, but in the perfect neighborhood close to UT and downtown, lots of families, and cute cafes/parks only blocks away. it's perfect for us! There is a great backyard and lots of potential for adding on/making it our dream house (when we win the lottery). 

in the meantime, we will get to remodel the kitchen and bathroom before move in. yay! i'm currently obsessed with pinterest and creating all sorts of inspiration boards. follow me on pinterest to check out my home "visions" as well as boards about recipes, baby/toddler ideas, etc.

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here are some celebratory high fives once we signed (about 8 million) closing documents

of course we have lots of people to thank who helped us through this process. Most importantly, our fantastic realtor, Rhonna, who drove me around to see a bajillion houses dealing not only with my weird nuances and quirky likes/dislikes that change by the second, but also dealing with a sometimes nauseous, sometimes faint, always hungry and thirsty pregnant lady! She did a wonderful job negotiating for us when there were other offers on this house and handling the seller's realtor, who was difficult at times to say the least. we wouldn't have this house without her, so we are incredibly thankful!

more to come about the kitchen transformation and move in once it all happens (after baby2's arrival, thank goodness). i envision lots of pics of backyard bbqs and two babes running through the sprinkler in the near future. 

We are so excited and happy!

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