Sunday, March 11, 2012

apparently i was lying about SXSW

Remember when i said i wasn't going to any sxsw events and was lamenting being an enormous pregnant lady stuck on the couch? 

well, that changed! 

Background: i haven't cried at all since leaving San Francisco and moving here, but the inevitable emotional breakdown came on friday provoked by torrential downpour, thunderstorms and cabin fever with a 20 month old. "i'm so uncomfortable, i'm can't do anything, i feel worthless! I want this baby out! but having the baby means I'll have to actually and that's hard! I don't think I can handle TWO babies! I miss my mom friends in SF! I have no mom friends here! I'm lonely! I even miss WORKING!" wah, wah, wah, lots of tears and leaving crying messages on friends' voicemails...

After that little pity party, Maux said i had to be her guest at the Texas Style Council fashion blogger event on Saturday night. Clearly, she knew I was in some desperate need of adult interaction! But, I was nervous and hesitant to go because a) i'm not a fashion blogger and b) nothing fits me to present myself in front of famous fashion bloggers! What's a girl to do?

I texted Maux this pic as I was getting ready: animal print sweater dress ok? 

it was pretty much my only option. either this or a black jersey dress from target. 
i went with the bolder choice. and like always, was very happy I did. 

We ended up having such a great time! it was fantastic people and fashion watching, great company sponsors, photobooth pics, drinks (lemonade iced tea for me), and we met a lot of cool bloggers. Plus, did you know that the best conversation starter is a huge 9-month pregnant belly?! And it was a perfect happiness/confidence boost getting fabulous compliments from strangers after a crying fest the day before. 

Today we are off to the conference/workshop to learn from famous bloggers such as indiana's adored austin and kendi everyday. so excited! 


Anonymous said...

Wow, you look awesome! When I was that pregnant my butt and my belly were having a competition as to which could grow faster - I kid you not, I looked like I had two bellies, back and front! (I just had to comment since nobody else had and your blog is wonderful fun to read:o)). From SoFla

mamma mags said...

Thank you so much! you are so sweet. comments always appreciated and happy to hear you enjoy the blog! suggestions and feedback also welcome :)

and yes, pregnant bodies can do some crazy things! no matter what you look like, you realize your body is longer your own and just does whatever it wants/needs for the babe!

Anonymous said...

So true! I'm trying to convince myself it was the baby that made me eat all that chocolate, I'm doing a good job of it too :oD