Sunday, March 11, 2012

Feeling crafty: Austin sewing and knitting stores

The third trimester nesting feeling is definitely kicking in. Besides washing the bassinet sheets, newborn onesies and all my nursing gear for baby prep, i've also been feeling a little crafty lately. inspired by my mother in law who asked me to pick out some fabric for summer dresses she wanted to make for Scarlett, I checked out some local Austin stores and started some projects myself. 

Project 1: Scarlett Summer Dresses
Nana Sue found an old pattern that her mother used to make dresses for her, and then she used to make for her daughter. Now she wants to make some dresses for Scarlett. Yay! I couldn't be more thrilled and loved picking out fabric. the pattern is similar to this with bloomers, and it's reversible. 

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these are the fabrics i picked out from The Common Thread. left top and bottom for one reversible dress and right top and bottom for another. oh, i die of cuteness. and they are organic cotton, bonus! The Common Thread is a great store with delicious fabrics and very helpful and knowledgable staff. they also have sewing classes!

Project 2: baby blanket for baby2
Then I was off to the highly recommended and did not disappoint knitting store, Hill Country Weavers, to pick out yarn for a baby blanket for baby2. I'm using this seed stitch pattern free online from lion brand and picked out machine washable/dryable yarn made by berroco. here's my progress so far. 

Project 3: big sister and little sister/little brother shirts
i saw this on pinterest, but it was sold out on esty, so i figured i'd just make it myself! i found these remnant fabrics in my craft box and think they'll be just right. i'll make one for Scarlett, but will have to make a "lil sis" and a "lil bro" option for baby2. 

I better get working because baby could arrive any day now!
What projects are you working on these days?

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