Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

{her costume is very literal if you are having trouble figuring it out}

some wrong guesses from smart and clever people who knew her name included - hot blooded, baby fever, saturday night fever, she's got the fever, red hot, thermometer, love child, little hottie, she's your patient...

still haven't guessed it? Scarlett Fever! yes, we dressed up our newborn child as a disease for halloween. daddy dave loves halloween costumes that require you to figure it out. his first choice was for him and me to dress as puritan settlers and have Scarlett wear all black with nothing but an "A" on her shirt. clever for the literary buff in each of us, but vetoed nonetheless. poor Scarlett will never be able to wear classic and cute costumes. {at least not until she can pick her own}

past costumes from mamma mags and daddy dave

{halloween '06, not pictured is the large rope we had tying us together all night}

{halloween '07, two months after our wedding}

{halloween '09, unfortch, we didn't actually win a hundred million dollars that year}

{bay to breakers '10, most common question of the day: are you really pregnant?}

as you can tell, daddy dave also loves costumes that require him to wear/carry/affix-to-himself something extremely large and cumbersome. did you see any good and clever costumes this year? hope you all had a happy and fun halloween!

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Maureen said...

i am still so embarrassed at how long this took me to guess!