Wednesday, November 24, 2010


there was a major negative about returning to work i am sad to report {other than leaving Scarlett}.

pumping. pumping-schlumping. 

pumping in the pumping room {read: closet} with the constant fear that someone will ignore the "in use" sign and walk right on in. i positioned the chair so the door would hit the chair first to avoid any serious awkwardness. it is not attractive to see someone pumping breastmilk. it's horrifiying actually. suction cups. oh god.

um, also sucks to try to eat and pee and breathe and get da milk for da baby and check facebook in an already rushed break. and now i'm the crazy bag lady. pumping bag. freezer cooler bag. lunch bag. work bag. over it. but i still want to nurse, so wtf?

and by nurse, i guess i mean both meanings; nursing to feed my baby and nursing as my occupation.

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