Tuesday, November 2, 2010

sunnies at night

pretty sure i also told myself i was never going to take a picture of baby Scarlett wearing adult sunglasses. c'mon, be original. how many times have we seen this pic before? but again, for unknown reasons, surges in my body force me to do lame mom-things* before my brain can even stop them. 

ashley and rian very generously watched Scarlett on friday {thanks guys!} while i attended a conference for work. more on that and my mom-brain* later. when i came home, we allowed Scarlett to entertain us with coos, smiles and spit-ups for a while before ashley put her cool blue ray bans on the small babe. immedes ALL THREE OF US got out our iphones and were snapping away to capture the familiar pose like we were the first to invent sunglasses on a baby. like maniacs! we couldn't be stopped. i mean, why is this funny and cute? i have no idea. an eighth wonder? i particularly like how she is looking away as if saying 'what? i know i'm cool.'

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