Monday, November 15, 2010

time with tia

tia katy is one of the hardest working friends i know. she's a 'zing assistant principal and teacher at a KIPP school in the east bay. awesome work. we were so happy when tia had a rare day off (thanks veterans!) on thursday and was able to have adventures with us. she also loves Scarlett, and spoils her, like a real relative, hence the designation tia.

we started with a 4 mile walk through golden gate park to the rose garden and back.

there were no roses in bloom and i actually took this pic in the san diego rose garden, but, i wanted a visual. you get the idea.

next we stopped to see tia katy's aunt, tia ann, and meet her new baby, the puppy, Bo. this photo by margy. serious sweetness.

after all that activity, it was time for a leisurely lunch at cafe du soleil. 

love sf cafes, even better on a sunny beautiful day. deelish. kate enjoyed a nice glass of red wine. jealous. 

i did indulge in some chocolate, though, while also indulging in tia holding/playing/singing/obsessing over the babe. 

i don't know who loves the other more. its very mutual. spesh when tia sings little mermaid. definite crowd-pleaser.

want to know what 'zing means? watch the most recent epidsode of tia katy's (and my) fave show, 30Rock. and, ps, tia is the queen of word shorts, i totes def steal mats from her.


Ms Belden said...

What a cool surrog-aunt!

Maureen said...

i want you to know that i have to translate your word shorts for elaine.

mamma mags said...

Oh no! I'll have to make a cheat sheet then.