Monday, November 15, 2010

scarlett & milly

Scarlett and Milly are besties. they don't actually know it yet. nor do they have the mental capacity to interact meaningfully with one another at this developmental stage. but they've hung out a bunch! usually sleeping in their strollers while us mammas walk and talk. about them. in front of them! outrage! one day they'll be able to say, "stop talkin' about me like i'm not here, mamma," a la shelby, steel magnolias, 1989. but, until then, the bitch sessions about our daughters not sleeping supportive mom convos will continue.

the Mills and Scarletta had a rare out of the stroller interaction at nick's crispy tacos this afternoon. both choose the fried fish tacos, nick's style. correct choice.

Scarett wonders, why are you upset, Mills? is it because i wore almost matching trendy trumpette socks? next time call ahead and we can coordinate! and you can borrow my headband if i can borrow your hat that the stranger lady complimented. thats what besties do!

sidenote: Milly is the daughter of my online mom friend, beth. today we reached another level in the friendship ladder: lunch with the husbands and another couple. wow, its getting super serious now. maybe i can stop calling her my online mom friend and graduate to a proper plain friend label? what do you think dating experts?

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