Tuesday, November 2, 2010

honesty corner, online mom dating update

so my new mom friend, beth {who i met on craigslist}, and i have gone out on a couple more mom dates. turns out we have a lot in common and get along great. her baby is one week younger than Scarlett, also a long and lean string bean. her and her husband went to a rival college of david's and mine, always good to have some inherent competition in a budding relationship. we seem to come from similar backgrounds, and though i haven't confirmed this, i'm guessing from her maiden name that she's irish like me. she's really funny too. necessary. we exchanged phone numbers, started texting each other, chatted with tmi about our ta-tas and hoo-haas as only new mothers can. things were progressing as any modern day relationship would.

but then, she facebook friended me! i was about to hit confirm to solidify our friendship when i realized that i had just posted this blog as my status update. slight internal freak out. i didn't want her to check my fb profile and subsequently check this blog and then read that i posted about meeting her online. what would she think? what if she defriend me, both in life and on facebook! i felt like i needed to tell her about the blog first before she happened upon it herself. but how to do that? fb message? no, too informal and could be misconstrued. text? same problem. phone call? potentially awkward. so i did what i normally do in indecisive situations. nothing.

a couple days later, we met for our neighborhood's halloween pet parade. both husbands would be meeting each other for the first time. high pressure. upon meeting, introductions ensued, compliments to the cute babies ensued, complaints about the rain ensued, and then...dun, dun, dun...she totally called me out.

"maggie, i friended you on facebook."

uhh...silence. awkward laughter. eyes darting around to dogs in superwoman and pumpkin costumes for someone to please save me. instead of just saying, oh sorry, i don't check fb that often, i excruciatingly ramble on about how i didn't want her to read the blog, and, in effect, tell her that i purposefully did not accept her friend request. fail.

i don't know if i'm ready for such high tech technicalities to potentially sabotage new friendships. maybe online mom dating just isn't for me! but i think {hope} we're gonna make it through. we should to stay together for the babes, right? now we have a funny story to look back on and laugh at, right?

wanna go on a walk tomorrow, beth? please?!

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