Tuesday, November 9, 2010

too tired

so much to fill in on from our cross country travels I don't know where to begin...

but sorry to say that after a 17 hour travel day on sunday, three hour time difference, day light savings change, baby not sleeping, hosting out of town friends on monday and giving two presentations today at the hospital, i'm too tired to string some stories and photos together and would rather just veg on the couch. sigh.

look at Scarlett's new trick though!


Meghann said...

Random 3am thought (I woke myself up to think this. Step was sleeping.) Did we throw away those delicious brownie bites or did they end of up in San Fran? Well, I guess they most likely did not make it all the way across the country, but please tell me they are not in my trash...I may go digging.

mamma mags said...

haha! they did make it, but only mid-way across the country. as we were about to land in chicago for our layover i MIRACULOUSLY and JOYFULLY found them in the bottom of the diaper bag. i devoured two of the three because we had not eaten since the post-wedding brunch at 9am that morning (landed at ord at 7pm). i offered to split the third one with david but he let me have it ;) deelish!