Friday, October 15, 2010

honesty corner, online mom dating

i sent an email to another new mom who had a craigslist ad (not that kind of craigslist ad! she was looking for a nanny. but still very ballsy of me, i think). then we went on a new mom date for coffee. then she emailed me two days later and asked me to go for a walk with the babes. does this mean we are new mom friends? I think so. this is all very exciting to me. since david and i have been together since college, i've never experienced the thrills/disappointments and inevitable humorous encounters of online dating. maybe i'll start for new moms. does something like that exist already? i need to find it. i need some more new mom friends in SF. this doesn't mean i'm cheating on you shelley!


Maureen said...

oh god, just the thought of internet dating gives me the chills. but the good chills, because my experience was so bad, it was good. you know i love that.

Meghann said...

Very cool Maggie!! I am so happy that after a year of thinking about it, you are doing this! I can't wait to read more and hope it makes you happy to share all of your awesome Mom moments! Get ready for lots of exclamation point comments!!!!!!!!!!!

Baby Mama said...

Yes, do this! I need some more mom friends too. Or just move to Colorado and I'll be your friend. Then Scarlett and Paul will fall in love. It will be great