Thursday, October 14, 2010

the test

i was late. i had just gone off the bc the month before so figured my body was just adjusting. took a test, it was negative. its too soon, thought we wouldn't get pregnant for at least 4/5 months. waited a few days, took another test, still negative. fast forward another week and a half and lots of anxiety with thoughts of am i, am i not, couldn't be, but maybe, i'm just going to have this glass of wine anyway because of course not. i made the hubs go out at midnight to buy more tests so i could take it the next morning, a sunday, when he'd be home. i had a feeling. didn't sleep that night.

the waiting...

with the first two tests, i looked at it right away (sidenote: you really don't need to wait the two minutes, it shows up immedes). but with this one, i didn't look and ran to david in the other room giggling with mixed emotion and excitement. i made him return to the bathroom with me to check the stick. we walked in holding hands, me squeezing his.

the fine print...

look at the stick, look at each other, look at the stick, look at each other. is this a positive? but one line is lighter than the other. does that count as two lines? david fumbling to open up the instructions. in teeny tiny print next to an asterisk in a hidden spot reads "one line may be fainter than the other. this is a positive test." sidenote: that should be on the top of the pamphlet and in LARGE print!

O!   M!   Gee!   two lines!

shock. prolonged staring at each other with half smiles. is this real? do we jump up and down? do we hug? are we really pregnant? do we cry? is this a movie scene? what is going on? 


 time to clean up and make some room, the adventures in being a new mamma begin.

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