Saturday, October 16, 2010


i'd seen the pacifier clip before on other babes and def thought it was a horrible thing only used by those moms who had complete disregard for safety and didn't care for or love their babies at all and were just plain lazy. you might as well just wrap a string around the baby's neck! well, either i was being completely judgy-judgy or i'm now becoming one of those moms {hopefully just the former} because the pacie clip is the greatest five dollars i've ever spent. ever. i bought it at target when she was six weeks old, and this simple product has literally changed my life as a mamma.

"where is the pacie?!" was too frequently and loudly yelled from one room to another in our three room apartment because it obviously was the other spouse's fault for this spouse not being able to find it. previously, precious minutes {feeling like never ending hours} were wasted in vain searching for the pacie while poor little Scarlett screamed. multiple times, i reached in the backseat while driving {completely unsafe and probably illegal} and blindly dug in the bowels of the carseat desperately hoping to find the pacie while my heart rate raced from her goat cries and neighboring drivers avoided near crashes. plus, we had bought and lost more pacies than she was days old. and worst of all, the pacie was constantly falling on the floor forcing me to face the dirtiness of my life.

i guess i'll work on being a little less judgy-judgy of seemingly terrible, useless and dangerous baby-buys. like a gift from heaven, all was ameliorated immedes with this perfect product. calm and peace restored. the pacie is never out of reach and all is good in the world. exhale.

{never put a baby in a crib or leave unattended with the pacie clip because of safety and strangulation concerns!}

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