Wednesday, October 20, 2010

night-night Scarlett

next in line for our night time routine is putting on some pajams and the comfy-coziest sleep sack {thanks mrs. stepan for this amazing baby gift!}. Scarlett nurses and then its story time. it's amazing how she loves books and is so engaged at 4 months! she can be fussing, but when i open a book, she's immediately happy. i swear she's even trying to help turn the pages already - what a genius!

our current faves are 
thanks patti!

thanks margy!

thanks whoever gave us this one! i can't remember because you didn't write your name inside!


cymbidy said...

Oh! Oh! Goodnight Gorilla is from us! Sam loved that book (still does, occasionally). I'm so glad Scarlett likes it. And I'm not surprised she's practically turning the pages. Sam learned to do that early too -- it makes sense, since they see you do it all the time, but it's so surprising anyway. (Which is not to say that Scarlett isn't a genius -- I have no doubts that she is.)

mamma mags said...

yay! i had a feeling it was from you! happy to keep you occupied with stories of scarlett. kisses to sam :)