Thursday, October 21, 2010

sweet slumber

finalmente, its off to sleep. i obsessed over this wicker bassinet for weeks, months, maybe even a year before Scarlett was born {yes, math geniuses, that means i spotted it and was hooked even before i was pregnant}. when i saw that it was still for sale at harrington's in the mission when i was six months pregnant, i took it as a sign that i was meant to buy it. i dressed it up with some ribbon and the antique bassinet sat beautifully in the corner of our room as we awaited the baby's arrival and daydreamed of sweet slumber there. then she slept in our bed for the first three months and never so much as winked an eye in the thing.

starting at 12 weeks, though, we put her and the bassinet in the other room and we began sleep training {read: nice way of putting cry it out}. don't think i'm a terrible mom, dr. weissbluth in healthy sleep habits, happy child told me to do it! i was so scared to start. terrified, nerve-wrecked, crying longer myself than she did, convinced i was going to ruin her life forever. but, like the book said, it took about 4 days, and ever since then she's asleep perfectly by 7pm and sleeps soundly! {she gets one night feed around 3 until she gains a couple more pounds, but falls right back to sleep until 7am}. it's so nice to have a routine and a schedule for her. plus, it's great to have the evening back for david and i to hang. and though she cries a little sometimes, she wakes up bright eyed and full of smiles, so hopefully i haven't ruined her life {yet}.

now, unfortch, she's too big for the bassinet already, so after one month of use, its time to get the big crib together. worth the purchase? what do you think?

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cymbidy said...

Thanks a lot, Maggie. Now I've got another blog I'll be addicted to!

First comment: the bassinet was totally worth it! Sam (being so long) only slept in his for a month or two, but now we use it to store stuffed toys, and we talk about when he was so small that he slept there! If it's beautiful it will stay beautiful, and who knows, you might even have another little something to put in there again one day.

(Also: Weissbluth is an oracle.)