Monday, October 18, 2010

margy's marathon

we cheered on margy during the nike women's marathon on sunday. she's looking strong and fantastic at mile 16, running on the great highway along ocean beach in san francisco. awesome.

we camped out at this spot primarily because i knew we'd see margy twice; at mile 16 running out and at mile 24 looping back towards the finish. unbeknownst, it was a powersong spot with megaspeakers playing beyonce's survivor. on repeat. awesome.

unfortch, Scarlett wasn't too happy with the cold rainy weather. but, ya know, she survived.

so inspiring to watch margy and the thousands of other runners! did i get the itch myself? well, margy has convinced me to run a 10k trail race with her in december. gotta start small though. i haven't really raised my heart rate above 75 in the past year. except maybe during my own marathon of 30+ hours of labor with Scarlett. does that count as working out?

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Maureen said...

yes, that counts as working out!