Saturday, October 30, 2010


here is my favorite snl skit with the funniest of all, tina fey

the song is genius. and accurate. the jingle captures perfectly mom-jeans* and all-things related. applique vests? you're killing me.

because it's my favorite and hysterical and i'm testing out the waters of how to stay cool while being a mom, i like to transfer the sentiment to other subjects by singing its tune when i think i'm being particularly nerdy. try it out. sing the 'mom-jeans' tagline refrain with the following: mom-brain, mom-blog, mom-dreams, mom-whatever-i'm-doing-that's-dorky. it's kinda fun, isn't it?

so, whenever you read 'mom + dash + a word + an asterisk,' {por ejemplo, 'mom-bras*'} you now know to sing it to the mom-jeans* melody and to bring all the meaning along with it. capice? it'll add to your reading enjoyment, i promise. and help you better understand the supernatural forces causing me to become so mom-lame*.

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