Tuesday, October 26, 2010

lion king babe

while pregnant i thought, perhaps, i didn't want to put any pictures of the baby on the internet. i wasn't going to exploit my baby through the evils of social networking or compromise a lifetime of privacy by posting her every moment since birth on the interwebs.

shaaa, riiight! that ideal lasted a hot minute. there is some kind of innate desire to lion king your baby for all of the world to ooh and aah.  

naaaaaants ingonyama bagithi, baba......(sing along now)...ba da da - ba da - da ba da ba...(you know the tune)


Colleen said...

Mags, this is so wonderful! I have been so sad to be missing out on baby Scarlett's growing up, and i'm so happy i'll be able to keep up now. love love

Anonymous said...
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