Wednesday, October 27, 2010

what would you say?

this is kind of cheeseball, but, ya know, sometimes cheeseball is nice. nummies, a maternity brand, asked veteran moms what they would have told themselves right before having their first baby. here are the answers. {I may have just cried at this video. hormones much?}

i know i'm totally a new mamma in the scheme of things, but these would be a few of my answers:
  • take naps with your baby. you'll both sleep better (and longer).
  • the laundry can wait.
  • you and your spouse/partner are both trying to figure it out. 
  • you will figure it out. together.
  • you will be overwhelmed with love.
  • coffee and your daughter are your new best friends. 

What would you say??

1 comment:

Baby Mama said...

- Tomorrow will be better.
- Enjoy the small things since they change so fast.
- You will do the best that you can.
- You will never do something so fun/challenging/amazing.
- You can sleep when you're dead.