Wednesday, August 1, 2012

27 day challenge!

We arrived tonight in beautiful Breckenridge, Colorado. We are sooooo excited to be here and enjoy the weather, the nature and scenery, and most of all, family time! (cheese alert!)

With part motivation to really capitalize on our time here, and part documentation to remember it all, I've decided to give myself a 27 day photo challenge for each of the 27 days we will be here.

The flight to Denver went surprisingly smoothly mainly because Scarlett's performance on the airplane was much improved compared to her last airplane experience in June. I'm giving myself all the credit for this as it was my genius idea to pack stickers for her. She, however, decided on her own that the best place for the stickers was on Tripp's head. Whatever works! He slept right through it.

Here's the first pic! And another one just to laugh at what a heavy load we travel as these days.

Check back frequently over the next 27 days to keep me accountable! Any summer vacation plans for you? How will you try to capture and remember it all?


Baby Mama said...

I love the stickers on Tripp's head. Whatever keeps a two year old entertained! :)

Anonymous said...

the stickers cracked me up! and boy do I know about the luggage! I've only got one girl so far, and my how the stuff piles up :o)
Enjoy your trip and keep up the awesome blog ;o)

Kerrrry said...

rolling laughter the stickers on her head too. omg

mamma mags said...

Yes, David and I were laughing so hard while it was happening!

Thanks for the comments girls!