Monday, August 6, 2012

Jumping Pictures

David took my first jumping picture in Breckenridge EIGHT years ago! 
(oh my gosh, i just had to calculate how long ago it actually was! wow. old.) 

Since then it has become our signature shot wherever we go...

we even took one on our wedding day (also in breckenridge)

so it was only fitting to have Scarlett's first jumping picture (attempt) in Breckenridge as well

{Boreas Pass Trail}

of note: these pics were taken yesterday. this morning i went to my first body pump class at the rec center in hopes of returning my jump height (and body) to previous levels.  it was hard. but i'm headed back for sure! then it rained this afternoon, so no hike today. 

back again tomorrow. my little bro arrives from Chicago to visit for a week! yay!