Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Recent Tripp

Tripp's trying to get up on all fours! This boy's going to be crawling in no time. He already amazes me by transporting himself across the room via rolling and kicking. Sometimes he looks like he's doing the worm dance move. (Hopefully he keeps that skill for a cool party trick later in life.)

In the meantime, no teeth yet, but they are definitely on the way. Constant gnawing on fingers or whole fist, and its drool-city over here. Scarlett calls it "barf" despite my best efforts to teach her otherwise. Awesome.

His appetite is becoming impressive, but still doesn't seem ready for cereal. He also continues to enjoy a 3am bottle, which isn't his best trait, but we'll work on that when we get home.  

Finally, if you haven't noticed in pics yet, please pay close attention to Tripp's pretty severe widow's peak. And if that wasn't enough of a hairline, there is a huge cowlick behind it. It's a perfect circle swirl, and the hair sticks straight up! No joke. And it seems to defy gravity more the longer it grows.  

Could continue to be the cutest thing ever, or he'll just need to have a buzz cut his whole life. 

Either way, he's still the most handsome boy in the whole world!

I'm sure you agree, don't you?!

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