Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Still in Breck

Perhaps all my loyal followers (which y'all are of course!) have noticed that it has been more than 27 days of Breck...

Yes, we are still here. 

Our house remains uninhabitable (ie: no functional bathroom), so we are staying a little longer here in Breckenridge while things are finishing. Countertops go in on Friday in the bathroom so that's a major step towards becoming functional. Then the sinks and faucets can go in, and then plumbers will finish other important plumbing things like, um, the toilet, and then final inspection can happen. And then we can live there. Yay! Progress!

The rest of our time here will probably be more chill, less adventures. Previously, we tried to do a fam activity each morning until around 10/11, and then David would have to work the rest of the day. But this week, his free time has been less and will be the same next week too.

So me and the babes are just keeping busy. We've checked out the Breck library and are going to the pool/rec center; there is even a pretty neat children's museum here. So basically the same stuff I do at home, except not currently 100 degrees and humid. Instead a crisp beautiful mountain backdrop. No complaints here! (I do miss my friends though! Do y'all remember me?)

But pretty soon, it's back to reality. And probably a harsh one for Scarlett and Tripp to swallow as daycare starts and mamma goes back to work right when we get home. Eek! Might be harsh for mamma too!

Meanwhile, the kiddies are just being as cute as ever. NanaSue took some adorbs shots of the S&T on the couch this afternoon. Soaking up all the sweetness!  

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