Thursday, August 9, 2012

Continental Divide Hike

Scarlett was not happy about going in the carrier on our hike today. She kept repeating, "Scarlett, walk?? Scarlett, walk!!!" I can't wait to show her this video one day when she's older. Ah, two year olds. As if a steep climb starting at 11,500 feet with a 25 pounder on your back wasn't hard enough, let's add her flailing around! {Also, I really need to finish reading that parenting book!}

Eventually, she chilled. 

and of course she loved it at the top!

Who wouldn't? It was amazing! 


Maureen said...

oh my god im sorry but i cant help laughing hysterically at that video!

mamma mags said...

no apologies - it's hysterical!! that's why i posted it :)