Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Morning hike fail?

Well, not all is perfect in mountain paradise.

First, Scarlett was in a mood! She has recently learned how to whine, which, lawd help me, that noise could drive me crazy. Unfortch, I let it contribute to my own testiness. Instead of dealing with Scarlett, I took out my short patience on David. I basically was snapping at him the whole first half of the hike, about what is still unclear. 

At one point we were all separated. Scott (David's dad) had slowed previously and stopped because of a knee injury, luckily missing out on the crescendo of my tantrum.  David walked in the middle to feed the baby (and also because I told him to give me space for a minute). I stormed walked calmly ahead to take a breather.

in. out. deep breaths. deep mountain air breaths. 

And then, then, out of nowhere, I see this unexpected hand built swing at a beautiful overlook. What? It was perfect. And needed. Scarlett and I had a special moment quietly swinging. David joined shortly after, I apologized and we hugged it out. Tripp was Smiley McGoo, as usual, making us all laugh. And we all just stopped to soak in the vista.

Being on vacation doesn't make life instantly a piece of cake. Two year olds are still two year olds, and sleep deprived mammas still lose their tempers. But looking out on a valley that literally takes your breath away sure helps put things in perspective pretty quickly. There was no room to be angry about trivial things when surrounded by such immense and awe-inspiring beauty. 

Now the challenge is to remember that perspective even when not in mountain paradise. Better soak it all in now and save it in my pocket for later. 

in. out. deep breaths. deep mountain air breaths. ahhhh. 

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