Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Balding. Again.

Post-partum hair loss. It's horrible. And worse than the first time I fear. 

Every time I touch my hair, GLOBS are falling out. The bathroom floor needs to be swept more often than a hair salon. Though of course it is not, so it's just wholly mammoth central. 

And why is it always a handful of rich brown colored hairs? Why aren't all my gray hairs falling out?

Or, better yet, why don't I go bald on some other body part? 

Like my knee caps, for example. No matter how many times I shave over my knees, there are always awkward strays sticking out! Know what I mean?

Ugh, the prices of age and beauty we pay for these precious littles...don't even get me started on my boo...


Baby Mama said...

!00% forgot about this ridiculous gem. Not excited AT ALL.

Meghann said...

This morning John said, "If I lost the amount of hair you lose in one shower (dramatic pause), I'd be bald. Totally bald." Ugh, hair loss is the pits.

mvgumiran said...

hey, i don't get how to shave your knees either?! it's embarrassing!